My little Logan ♥


I'm so glad I took these pictures of Logan when I did! I took these when he was 12 days old because I never had a chance any sooner and I definitely wouldn't have gotten any other chance if I had waited any longer because right after these were taken, Steve came home from school and quickly came down with the flu and two days later Cole and I came down with the flu too! :( And then we graduated and then we moved. I wouldn't have had a chance to take his picture again until right about now and he's already one month old. So, like I said, I am so so glad I took them when I did because they capture his adorable, tiny newborn-ness :)

I kept these really simple; I guess I just like it that way! I was totally planning on doing all the hats and accessories etc. but I just never ended up using them because I was just having too much fun keeping it simple! And I feel so lucky that I got some of him smiling!! What's cuter than a smiling baby?! And he's my baby! I just love him so much and I'm so happy to have him :) We love you little Logan!

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