Wow. My sister is a hottie! Is she not the most beautiful pregnant girl you've ever seen?
I'm soooo excited to meet my new nephew this December! That's right, I'm going to meet him in December!! Little Henry. So cute :)

So, I'm actually amazed that we were able to fit this maternity photoshoot in while I was in Utah last week. Our first attempt was a total flop. It was getting dark. It was raining. We had are our kids with us. They locked themselves in the car. They cranked up the music wayyy too loud. They were tired. They were hungry. It was raining. It was DARK. I hurt my hand. Emma fell through a crate!
My goodness, the things we'll go through to do a photoshoot.....

I went to bed that night feeling like I got zero pictures that I actually liked, and when I woke up the next morning and looked at them, I was completely right. So, the first thing we did that morning was go back out, we found an even better orchard that actually had ripe fruit still in the trees which was awesome because I think it goes along perfect for maternity pictures ;) I think they turned out beautifully. Emma is most certainly the perfect subject :) And somehow I managed to only take vertical pictures during this shoot. (ok, there's one horizontal) I have no idea how this happened but I guess I like it :)

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