Brian + Erin

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My dream is to one day be a wedding photographer! I'm not exactly in a position to be one right now, but one day I will be!
When I was in Utah last month, I got to go to a couple of weddings and so while I was at our family friends' Erin and Brian's wedding, I thought I'd try and play wedding photographer and see what it takes. If I had been really committed, I would have weathered the cold outside (don't let the sunshine fool you!) and gotten some more pictures of the beautiful Manti temple. Obviously that didn't happen.
My hopes of dragging the bride and groom and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen away from the reception and outside across the street to a beautiful field of dandelions for some pretty pictures, obviously didn't happen either. In fact, when you're not the photographer and it's not your wedding, it's really hard to get pictures of the bride and groom!! But I got a couple, so that's good :)
This is by no means a comprehensive set of pictures of what their wedding was like. It's more just whatever I was around for. It was such a beautiful wedding and I'm glad that I was able to be there :)
Congrats Erin and Brian! :)

ps, I'm pretty sure the sunflowers on that wedding cake were edible. Am I right?!

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