Just dance

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Just dance.....in the middle of the street.

Just dance.....underneath the over-passes.

Just dance....when you have less than 24 hours to spend in Dallas.

That was what Lissie did when she and my mom came through Dallas on their way to Utah.
It was SO much fun to take her dance pictures!! It made me wish that I was a dancer :) Lissie is the perfect model not only because she's gorgeous!!! But she is also a crazy amazing dancer! So talented!
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that this was my favorite photoshoot ever so far! I love Lissie, I love the spot and I love taking dance pictures!! Perfection :)

love, Lulu

Down by the canals

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Such a happy cute little family. Especially that little girl! She is just so loveable :)
I seriously got soo many pictures of her laughing; it was hard for me to pick which ones to use!! I  already mentioned it on facebook, but by the end of our photoshoot she kept saying "uma" (sp?) which means "kiss." She wanted to give me a kiss!! And she gave me a hug too. Such a sweetheart.
Oh, and she also said "thank you" to me at least a dozen times. She has manners too! Adorable.

Also, I love the spot we picked out. This time of year is *perfect*

love, Lulu

Exciting news!

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I'm so excited for my friends Bekah and Jordan!
They are expecting!!
And they already know what they're having: A BOY!!
This makes me super excited because that means that their son and Cole will be buddies. yay! :)
Congrats you guys, we are so happy for you!

love, Lulu