Double exposures

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I just had a blast making these double exposures. They are super easy to do.
Learn how at Ferweh Mag!
It gives the pictures a dreamy feel. Love it!

love, Lulu

A sunny evening

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..with a beautiful family!
And a seriously beautiful baby! Am I right or what?! Painted toe nails!! ahh, so cute :)

We went out to this really pretty lake only 20 minutes from our house to take these pictures! I didn't even know this lake existed but it reminded me of Washington a little bit! Seriously! 
It was a super sunny evening which I actually really liked because it brought a lot of life to these pictures and I was able to work with the sunlight differently than I normally do. I love being a photographer :)
I had so much fun...even if there were a couple of spider encounters ;) I basically saved Chelsea from the biggest spider ever crawling up her back. I'm a hero.
I also finished these pictures super fast; they were just taken on Monday. I guess I'm getting good or something ;)

And I will be back soon with pictures of my own little munchkin in a beautiful field of blue bonnets.
I love Texas in the spring :)

love, Lulu

Pretty baby

june1June collage2june2june6June collage1june7June collagejune8

Isn't she so pretty? She's a little angel :)
And I think she looks like a little kitten in that last one :)

I love babies!

love, Lulu