"June Bug"

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Last week I had the pleasure of taking this lovely family's picture.
The weather warmed up just enough for us to walk around the boardwalk of this cute little lake.
I especially enjoyed their sweet little 2 month old daughter -- June. (cutest name ever!!) I heard her daddy call her "June Bug" once and I thought it was just about the most adorable thing. Talk about the best baby ever. She hardly made a peep!
And I can't forget their little dog, Ranger. What a sweet little dog! And it's so cute how much he loves June :) This past week was his 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Ranger!!
Anyway, I think it's easy to see that these guys are a happy, fun-loving little family :)

Sisters make the best of friends

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This past Christmas was one of the best ever! My whole family {except one; we missed you Matthew!} was able to meet up in Washington for Christmas. It was so much fun being with my family :)
I especially loved taking pictures of my beautiful sisters! Aren't they so photogenic?
I wish I had gotten a few more of Emma, but she was napping when Marie, Lissie and I went on our Christmas Eve walk.
I also loooove the scenery in Washington. Pine trees are so perfect and Christmas-y.
And I figured I'd put our sisters video on this blog too since I put it up on my two other blogs already ;) It's fun having a sisters blog. But it's especially fun having 3 sisters to do it with!!

Love, Lulu