This Thanksgiving...


...was spent with the most wonderful family in Arkansas!

I got to take some family pictures of them! I was a little worried about the time we had planned to do it: right in the middle of an Arkansas vs. LSU football game. In other words, the worst possible time for any guy who likes football. But look at these guys. Happy as can be! :) I think one person was especially happy since LSU was winning the game. I'm pretty sure the person I'm referring to was the only LSU fan in all of Arkansas ;)

We also got to take pictures at their "Gran" and "Grandfather's" house, the sweetest people you will ever meet. And they happen to own the cutest house I've ever seen! The grandchildren wanted a picture in front of this lovely house, which I'm sure they've all grown to love when they visit their Gran and Grandfather. I thought it was a great idea.

I was so grateful to spend Thanksgiving with such nice people! We really did get lucky. Thanks guys! :)

Love, Lulu

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