Meet Natalie


This is Natalie!
(by the way, Steve and I have always loved that name :)
She is graduating with her masters in Occupational Therapy NEXT MONTH! {Congrats!!!}
It was so much fun taking her picture! I seriously enjoyed her sense of creativity and style; I'd been craving a session like this ;)
Thanks Natalie and congrats again! Such a big accomplishment :)

Love, Lulu

Max turns 1!


Look at that smile!

This weekend we went to Max's 1st birthday party.
It was so fun to see him eat his little cupcake. I think he liked it ;)
It made me excited for Cole's 1st birthday in just a couple months!! Can't wait to see him eat his birthday cake!
Happy first birthday, Max! You are adorable.

In other news, I created a facebook page! If you like my photography, you should "like" my page!

I know people have been wondering and I'm super excited to say that come January, I'll be officially starting up my business. Take advantage of my practice pricing til then!

Love, Lulu

Bekah in a field of sunflowers


I'd been eyeing this field of sunflowers with the freeway in the background forever!!
Finally, thanks to my beautiful friend Bekah, I was able to do a mini photoshoot in these dreamy flowers :)  These flowers are one of my very favorite things about Texas. I love them SO much!
Good thing we did it when we did because these flowers are all dead now :)

It's pretty fun having a friend who has got STYLE! And who is willing to experiment with you and trudge through sinking mud to get to the perfect location.
And that's why you can't see her feet in any of the pictures.
haha ;)

Love, Lulu

Happy family in the park


Ricky, Kari, Teagan, Ashlyn and Corbin.

Three things I loved about taking this lovely family's picture:

*How obvious it was how much they all loved each other!!
*Teagan and Ashlyn were so sweet to their baby brother Corbin.
*And it was adorable how much Corbin loved the apples. I should have pulled them out sooner!

Thanks, you guys, for a fun photo sesh!! :)

Love, Lulu

And as always, a little video: