10 months old today!

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My baby is 10 months old!
And between his last photoshoot a couple weeks ago and this one right here, he's now gotten his 2 bottom teeth and about 4 more coming through on top!!
That's a lot of teeth in just a couple weeks! And a lot of crying too, poor thing :(

Anyway, today on this lovely autumn evening, we went on a walk by the canals, Cole played with some pumpkins, tried to eat some leaves {he didn't quite like how they tasted} and he got to play in the weeds!
Hooray for being 2 months away from being a 1 year old! I can hardly believe it!

Love, Lulu

Kalli and her cute kids :)


My friend Kalli is a super nice girl in my ward and she is also a photographer!
(You can check out her blog here.)
She consented to being my model, along with her adorable children.
I know I use the word "adorable" and cute like, all the time. But seriously, these guys are so cute!
And so cute together!!
Here are just a few shots of them :)

Love, Lulu

Newborn Beauty


Congrats to Brett and Chelsea on the birth of their baby girl, Sophia!
Isn't she lovely?
She slept soundly for the first part of the photoshoot and then slowly started to wake up!
I love being around newborns! They're so sweet and perfectly innocent and remind me of when my little one was a tiny infant.
Taking this little girl's picture made me hope that one day I'll have a baby girl of my own so I can dress her up in bows and all things girly too ;)

I'm so happy for you Brett and Chelsea! She is beautiful!

Love, Lulu

And, of course, another little video. These things are so fun to make :)

Munchkin Man with some delicious apples!

IMG_4305 copyIMG_4309 copyIMG_4312 copyIMG_4285 copyIMG_4289 copyIMG_4290 copyIMG_4315 copyIMG_4297 copy

Cole is almost 10 months old!!
He was fascinated with these apples; I'm sure that he'll be thrilled whenever he gets teeth but so far there's not a single tooth to be seen!
The day we took these pictures, he came down with a fever later on in the day, so I'd say he was a pretty good sport :)

I love you Munchkin Man!

Love, Lulu
(your mommy:)

Beautiful baby Kalena!

IMG_4507 copyIMG_4537 copyIMG_4409 copyIMG_4509 copyIMG_4560 copyIMG_4509 copybwIMG_4534 copyIMG_4564 copybw
IMG_4507 copybw

Isn't she so soo cute?!
It was almost exactly Kalena's 6 month birthday to the day when we took these pictures!
I brought little pumpkins (and pineapples) as props for this little photo shoot, but Kalena was happier in her mom's arms than on the grass with the props :) Which was fine, because I think we got some pretty good ones!
This little girl has the longest most beautiful eyelashes! Lucky girl!
I adore her; it was a joy taking her picture.
And of course, Anna, is the cutest, sweetest mom :)

Love, Lulu

ps, I put this little video together. It's only 30 seconds long :)