So long sweet summer!

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Mmmmm...Strawberries and blueberries!

My sisters and I started a new series on our sisters blog where we pick a word once a week and then take a picture representing that word.
I love a good photography challenge because it helps me practice and learn!
The first word we picked was "sweet!" and these are the pictures from the photoshoot I did!
I went to Walmart, bought some strawberries and some blueberries and I also bought a box of chocolates and then took the chocolates out of the box which is where the see-through box came from. Clever, hu? ;)
The last picture is the one I used as my "sweet" picture on the sisters blog. If you want to see what my other sisters came up with, click here.

I know all these pictures are kind of the same, but which one do you like the best?

Love, Lulu

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