So long sweet summer!

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Mmmmm...Strawberries and blueberries!

My sisters and I started a new series on our sisters blog where we pick a word once a week and then take a picture representing that word.
I love a good photography challenge because it helps me practice and learn!
The first word we picked was "sweet!" and these are the pictures from the photoshoot I did!
I went to Walmart, bought some strawberries and some blueberries and I also bought a box of chocolates and then took the chocolates out of the box which is where the see-through box came from. Clever, hu? ;)
The last picture is the one I used as my "sweet" picture on the sisters blog. If you want to see what my other sisters came up with, click here.

I know all these pictures are kind of the same, but which one do you like the best?

Love, Lulu

Cole with his Gran Yvonne this time!

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Sweet huh? :)
Gran Yvonne is SUCH a sweet grandma to Cole!
He would always light up around her and we're pretty sure he recognizes her voice on Skype ;)
Thank you Gran Yvonne for all of your love and for making our stay in Spokane so soo enjoyable!
We love you and miss you already!

Love, Lulu

Cole and Amachi in Black and White

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While here in Spokane, we took some pictures of Cole with his 91 year old great-grandma who we call "Amachi." (Basque for "grandma")
Doesn't she look great?!
I think they're so cute together.
Amachi got him a nerf ball to play with and he loves it!
Thanks Amachi, you are the best great-grandma Cole could ever ask for :)

Love, Lulu