Let me introduce....

...the sweetest family from the Congo that I know!!

IMG_2791 copy

IMG_2646 copy

IMG_2825 copy

Deo & Laurianne:
IMG_2729 copyIMG_2630 copyIMG_2758 copyIMG_2681 copyIMG_2798 copy

I've know this sweet family for about a year now. 
They're such a happy, loving, kind family.
Their first language is French and it's been fun for me to practice a little bit of my French with them.
Even if they hardly understand me ;)
This photoshoot was a little bit of a challenge, since I couldn't explain myself very well but I feel like they did a great job working with me :)
And they're all learning English so quickly now!
I'm so happy to know them :)

Love, Lulu

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