Cole and I spent last Friday afternoon and evening at the gym at Steve's school while he worked from 3 pm to 9 pm!
I brought my camera and started taking pictures of random things.
Steve's friends were just sitting on the couch in the activity center watching TV, so I asked them if I could take their picture outside and I was surprised with how willing they were to be my models!
I wanted to try out a tip I read about online of how to get great catch-lights in your subject's eyes.
Here's the ones I got of "Ehi."

IMG_2497 copyIMG_2496 copyIMG_2470 copyIMG_2469 copyIMG_2472 copy

It was so easy to take his picture! He just knew exactly what to do!
I didn't have to tell him to do anything!
As I was snapping away thinking "gosh, this guy knows how to pose..." I blurted out:
"Ehi, were you a model?!"
I was half joking because, really, who is a model?
But he responded by saying, "Yeah, for 3 weekends in high school."
So that explains why he was so comfortable in front of the camera.
Thanks for helping me out!! :)

Til next time!

Love, Lulu

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