Just a couple

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My cousin and her little family are so adorable!
I was so happy to meet little Levi finally.
Cole and Levi are only 3 months apart! So fun :)

Love, Lulu

My baby boy

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We met up with Marie and her family last week in Soap Lake, WA.
She brought this adorable antique crib with her since she knew she would be taking our cousin Scarlet's little boy's picture. As he was taking a break from getting his picture taken, we stuck Cole in the crib and we got some shots!
I know I'm biased but I think he looks so cute in that crib! Thanks for bringing it, Marie!
You can see her pictures in her post HERE.

Love, Lulu


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I learned how to do them.
Super fun :)

Love, Lulu


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Joel and Leo: brothers.

I LOVE both of those names.
In fact, I always wanted to name my son Joel.
But then we named our first born "Cole" and "Joel and Cole" as brothers might be a little too much....
"Cole and Leo" on the other hand, sounds really cute.
I think I might try to convince Steve ;)

I watched these two boys this past weekend.
They're 5 and 3 and miraculously I was able to get them to slow down long enough to snap their portraits.
They're busy, busy, busy boys but very sweet ones at that :)

Love, Lulu

Let me introduce....

...the sweetest family from the Congo that I know!!

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IMG_2646 copy

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Deo & Laurianne:
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I've know this sweet family for about a year now. 
They're such a happy, loving, kind family.
Their first language is French and it's been fun for me to practice a little bit of my French with them.
Even if they hardly understand me ;)
This photoshoot was a little bit of a challenge, since I couldn't explain myself very well but I feel like they did a great job working with me :)
And they're all learning English so quickly now!
I'm so happy to know them :)

Love, Lulu


Cole and I spent last Friday afternoon and evening at the gym at Steve's school while he worked from 3 pm to 9 pm!
I brought my camera and started taking pictures of random things.
Steve's friends were just sitting on the couch in the activity center watching TV, so I asked them if I could take their picture outside and I was surprised with how willing they were to be my models!
I wanted to try out a tip I read about online of how to get great catch-lights in your subject's eyes.
Here's the ones I got of "Ehi."

IMG_2497 copyIMG_2496 copyIMG_2470 copyIMG_2469 copyIMG_2472 copy

It was so easy to take his picture! He just knew exactly what to do!
I didn't have to tell him to do anything!
As I was snapping away thinking "gosh, this guy knows how to pose..." I blurted out:
"Ehi, were you a model?!"
I was half joking because, really, who is a model?
But he responded by saying, "Yeah, for 3 weekends in high school."
So that explains why he was so comfortable in front of the camera.
Thanks for helping me out!! :)

Til next time!

Love, Lulu