Pretty Pink Sunhat

Here's beautiful Bekah with her pretty pink sunhat.
Well, actually it's pink, orange and brown.
And her awesome pants!! I've never seen anything like them but I think they're so cool and I want some too!
They're so perfect for summer, especially here in Texas!!

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IMG_1730 copyIMG_1724 copyIMG_1772 copyIMG_1765 copyIMG_1785 copyIMG_1791 copy

There's actually quite the funny story that happened "behind the scenes" on this photoshoot. And by that I mean, something embarrassing happened to ME while taking these pictures.
So, there I was snapping away at this park by Bekah's house, when suddenly I hear someone yelling behind me: "Theo! Theo! Theo! THEO!!"
I look behind me to find a teeny tiny dog charging at me at full speed!! (Bekah later said it was a yorkshire terrier.) 
It didn't matter to me how small the dog was, it was coming after me and I was scared!! (It's true, I'm a total whimp.) I started screaming and running from it and jumping up and down because it seemed to be going after my feet!! As I was running away from it, I wasn't looking in front of me and WHAM! I ran straight into a tree.
The owner finally got his little dog to come back to him and I was left with scrapes on my arm and bruises on my leg from running into the tree. The dog never got me. Thank goodness.

And THEN a little bit later I stepped onto a fire ant hill and got bitten once on my foot. And I dare say that hurt more than running into the tree.
So, it was quite the eventful photoshoot op.

I'm sure I'll have more lovely stories like these for you in the near future!

Til next time!!

love, Lulu

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