The Best of Friends

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Ryleigh and Ryan
These two are the best of friends.
They never fight.
They never get on each others nerves.
They never wrestle in the living room.

In any case, these two are tough little cookies!
Their cheeks were red from it being so boiling hot outside.
Ryan and I both got bitten by....something....while standing in the grass.
And poor Ryan fell down while he was running and scraped his hand and knee.
BUT that didn't stop him from letting me get some more pictures of him. Tough guy :)
Ryleigh was the perfect little model.
She had great ideas for poses and let me take her picture in the same spot over and over and over.
I had so much fun doing this; I can't wait to take more kids' pictures!! :)

Til next time!

Love, Lulu

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